Tecnomyl founded in 1991 with strong political and conviction to provide solutions to the needs of agriculture - livestock, for the future, betting on innovative technologies, engaging with customers, society, and colleagues offering quality assurance the various production processes, made the drives to seek and achieve international certification
ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004, showing the position taken seriously.

Tecnomyl, is the leader in developing and marketing of agrochemicals in Paraguay. Currently it ranks among the top 3 companies in the Bolivian market, and seeks to expand into countries like Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico with more than 80 products registered.


  • First of Paraguay Agrochemical Company to produce its own active ingredients, through its synthesis plant, with a capacity of 20,000 kg / month.
  • Year nominal production capacity of 30,000,000 liters / Kg (Herbicides - Fungicides - Insecticides in its different forms: water soluble granules (SG), water dispersible granules (WG), soluble powders (SP), wet table powders (WP), soluble liquids (SL), emulsifiable concentrates (EC) and concentrated or flow able suspensions (SC and FS).
  • Treatment Plant Liquid Effluent to 24 m3 (24,000 liters) per day, with physical, chemical, and Biological.
  • Solid waste incinerator, where all the remaining solids production, according to the requirements and demands of the Ministry of Environment of Paraguay are eliminated.
  • Recycling plant empties, where "pellets" of recycled plastic materials being used by other industries in the use and manufacture of accessories for electrical installations as key boxes, pipes for electrical ducts, and pipes for sewer system are formed, etc.
  • Multidisciplinary team consisting of agronomists, chemical and industrial engineers responding to international standards, generating scientific and technical information.

Benefits of Quality Management System

  • Increased satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • Increased competitiveness and value to the company.
  • Increased safety for the customer to purchase products to international quality standards.
  • Incentive and Motivation for employees looking to improve their service performance and working comfort.
  • Efficient and orderly organization of the company, which allows to identify and solve problems quickly and effectively

Environmental Management System

An environmental management system can be defined as that part of the overall management system comprising: the organizational structure, responsibilities, practices, procedures, processes and resources for determining and implementing the environmental policy.

The Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 is the tool that enables organizations to formulate an environmental policy and objectives, taking into account legal requirements and information on environmental aspects and impacts of its activities. With the implementation of an environmental management system include naturally in a system of general and documented management, all aspects of the activities and services that can have an impact on the environment. Through the environmental management system you can:

  • Reinforcing the image and market share.
  • Reduce the generation of waste and emissions.
  • Generate greater confidence shareholders and investors.
  • Generates employee motivation and commitment.
  • Ensure compliance with the legal requirements of the organization.
  • Improve public relations with the community.


Since 1991, Tecnomyl S.A., provides services of high quality in the production of agrochemicals, ensuring that their products are of vital help to deal with the most varied problems that arise in agriculture, providing professional support. It is a prosperous young company based in Paraguay 15 years ago, with a broad future prospects, its main value is the environment of success and quality, drive operational excellence in all processes and policies of our people who live daily with mission to grow as leaders.

We are an industry that is committed to the country, generating jobs; directly to our staff officers, and indirectly for its network of distributors, suppliers of inputs and raw materials, transport and services.

Located near the port of Villeta (40 km from Asuncion), strategically located near the access waterway to mobilize large amounts of pesticides. Con an area of 150,000 m2 (22.1300 m2 covered). Its annual production capacity of formulated products: 30,000,000 liters of liquid (SL - EC); 7,000,000 liters of concentrated suspensions (SC); 6,000,000 kg of granules (SG - WG); 4,000,000 kg of powder (SP - WP).

It also has on site

  • Synthesis plant raw material
  • Quality control laboratory
  • Laboratory of Research and Product Development
  • Effluent treatment plant
  • Treatment plant solid waste

Administrative operations focus on our office in Asuncion, which is home to different areas such as accounting, credit, finance, marketing and also with the Department of Records is responsible for the registration of new products for Paraguay and Latin America. In each of these areas operate qualified professionals with responsibility mentality and the same goal, to work together and generate progress and quality in a friendly work environment.

New products are developed in the field by an agronomist, who supports the biological effectiveness of the same, testing from soil preparation to harvest once valued their effectiveness are launched into agricultural market.

Our Strength

  • First agrochemical company to produce its own active ingredients

  • Treatment Plant Liquid Effluent (24,000 liters) per day

  • Production capacity kg / month.


Our mission is to satisfy the needs of Latin American farmers, with an ongoing commitment to the environment and our people.


We grew out of our vision is the quality in the production of chemicals by implementing technology to improve agricultural productivity and ensure food from a growing population.


Since its founding in Paraguay in 1991, Tecnomyl has grown vigorously and continuously in the field of production, registration, distribution and marketing of plant protection products. Now a business group of global reaches with a presence in several Latin American countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay.

With headquarters in Asuncion (Paraguay) and a modern industrial plant of great production capacity located in Villeta (Paraguay), equipped with the latest technology for the manufacture of a wide range of plant protection products.

Our experience in the production of generic agrochemicals, together with the network of companies that make up the Group Tecnomyl and commercial office located in Nanjing (China), provide a comprehensive and updated knowledge of local Latin American markets. This allows us to react quickly to market changes, anticipating new developments and projects, obtaining the resulting benefits to our customers and suppliers.


In Tecnomyl we devote considerable human, material and time resources, to develop and provide appropriate solutions to phytosanitary problems faced by Latin American farmers:

  • Spacious and attractive portfolio of high quality products.
  • Competitive prices
  • Reliability in quality and delivery of products
  • Support of our own laboratory and registration dossiers


In Paraguay and Bolivia we have launched an extensive program of corporate social responsibility at all levels and activities of the organization to collaborate effectively in the development of health and education projects to benefit the community in these countries.

At the same time we contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture by promoting good agricultural practices (GAP) and comprehensive education and training for small farmers through their organizations.

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